Hector Benjamin Portillo

Hector (known as ‘Bamboo Ben’) owner of Bamboo Bitcoins LLC and has been passionately educating and on-ramping many into the Blockchain industry since 2017.

He collaborates with major influencers and educators in the Blockchain industry. Currently he assists Blockchain companies such as Calix Solutions, Bitcoin Branches US, Founders Group Worldwide and Woo Woo Con. He’s also an active member of The Divi Project.

In 2022, he became one of the Board members for Founders Group Worldwide.

Being born in El Salvador and El Salvador being the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as  legal tender, Bamboo Ben is able to help support the globe as a major advocate of the blockchain and cryptocurrency journey.

Whether you are an investor looking to participate in providing venture capital, seeking companies with exceptional growth potential, or an entrepreneur seeking venture capital or access to other like-minded, interested investors, we have an option for you.

Forward Partnerships

Working together to give exceptional emerging cryptocurrency projects and blockchain companies a chance at success.