Renita Farrall

Renita Farrall joined the Founders Group in January 2021. With the help of the Founders Group and encouragement from Laurie Hermann, Renita decided to stop making excuses about “being too old,” and in February 2021, she started her first business, Bitcoin Starter Pak.

Prior to forming her business, Renita took care of her family and assisted her husband with their family farm.

Renita and her husband bought their first bitcoin on Dec. 1, 2015, for $377.

Soon thereafter, after listening to Jsnip4, Bix Weir, and Bitcoin Ben, they decided to move the majority of their investments into bitcoin, much to the chagrin of their Wells Fargo broker.

In 2019, Renita helped friend Laurie Hermann get started with bitcoin, and in 2020, introduced her to Bitcoin Ben when he personally delivered their crypto only laptop to their home. That introduction led to the eventual creation of the Founders Group (Bitcoin Branches) and then Founders Group Worldwide.

Renita enjoys helping people get started on their cryptocurrency journey, and especially enjoys helping Baby Boomers protect, grow, and harvest their wealth for generations to come.

Renita has been married to Jerry for 52 years. They have 4 children and 11 grandchildren.

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