LNX Club

LNX Club 

is a private social club. Pronounced [link]

Why Lnx? Because we are experts at linking businesses with other businesses and connecting like minded individuals with others around the globe.

 Lnx elevates the experience with decades of crypto knowledge, services and entertainment. Most members are business owners and entrepreneurs along with up and comers in all walks  of life looking to meet and share ideas with like minded individuals. With locations in the most crypto friendly hotspots around the globe, our members enjoy networking, signature events and enhanced LNX experiences.

LNX is a place for our diverse membership to connect, grow, have fun, and make an impact.

LNX encompasses good vibes, crypto state of mind and a patriot spirit.

The atmosphere is smart, yet relaxed and entertaining serving light appetizers and craft cocktails, wine, beer and champagne.

In 2020, entrepreneurs Laurie Hermann and Bitcoin Ben introduced the world to Bitcoin Branches US shortly thereafter created Founders Group Worldwide a venture capital.  Now they have combined these with a social flare option, LNX was born, a crypto and patriot friendly social club for individuals, investors, projects seeking funding and business owners.

LNX can now be experienced (up to 40 people) in different locations including the brand’s flagship location Sarasota, FL  (LNX SAR), St. Louis, Mo (LNX STL) and internationally in San Salvador, El Salvador (LNX SAL), Northeast and soon in Nashville!

Whether you are an investor looking to participate in providing venture capital, seeking companies with exceptional growth potential, or an entrepreneur seeking venture capital or access to other like-minded, interested investors, we have an option for you.

Forward Partnerships

Working together to give exceptional emerging cryptocurrency projects and blockchain companies a chance at success.