Frequently Asked Questions

Venture Capital

$1500 each (paid in bitcoin).  

This will be the first order of business and that is to vote on the monthly contribution $150 or $200 valid two years.

Yes, you can pay in advance for one year.

Yes however, first you must try and sell it to an existing Founder. More info to come on this.

There is a 30 day grace period.

Yes, as long as you have it set up in your will or trust.

You will first pay the one time $649 membership fee for the 2nd share.

Yes, you will have their contact info and all of their information on their project.

Your one time subscription can be paid in fiat. Share and monthly contributions will be made in bitcoin

Yes, for your share and monthly contributions.

If you do not respond or set up your profile in the new Founders Group Worldwide website your share goes back to the Founders Group Worldwide treasury.

Related FGW business expenses are covered by the membership and subscriptions for the Founders Group Worldwide.

Projects Seeking Funding

It goes to our private group of investors Tier.

You can cancel at any time. $5000 subscription fee is non-refundable.

Anyone, anywhere can present their project

No, it does not have to be crypto related.

Your project tells FGW Venture Capital what they will give in exchange.

Investors Tier

Immediately after the venture capital voting process is complete.

Once the project hits the investor section yes you will be able to personally contact them.

You can invest in projects from outside the USA.

Each project, just about 5 months as long as your membership is current.

You as an Investor Tier member deals directly with the project to come to a mutual agreement between the two of you. This is outside of the Founders Group Worldwide platform.