Tierra Bendita / Satoshi Specialty Blend by Cherito Cafe Roasters

Tierra Bendita / Satoshi Specialty Blend by Cherito Cafe Roasters


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Edited Feb 20th 2023: BioKrop Project is an initiative of a consortium of various single-origin specialty coffee microlot coffee farms across the six mountain regions of El Salvador, Central America. Our consortium is made up of small and medium size coffee producers and work in coordination under the technical advisory and technology transfer of TIERRA BENDITA, S.A. DE C.V. a company that has been operating for over ten years founded by my Father who had dedicated over 30 years of experience and valued at over $2M to become competitive producers and exporters. The common denominator and value-added guarantee is that all our coffee estates share the same principles and philosophy of producing top quality specialty and differentiated coffees with focus on agroecology and ancestral maintenance, water conservation, and diversification of other produce such as honey, cacao, and food produce in benefit of all the workers and our communities. Our Bitcoin standard also allows us to access new markets and accelerate our cash flow and operations from bean to cup process or from our farms in El Salvador to the U.S. and across Europe where we uncovered new sales opportunities and a market niche in the last twelve months for Bitcoin customers. Furthermore, year over year we continue innovating in fermentation and drying processes (Ex: elevated beds drying in shade & anaerobic fermentation) and achieve best practices during and post-harvest activities to produce premium quality coffee beans after investing over $100K in state of the art machinery and equipment for milling, roasting, quality control lab, and exporting warehousing aside from owning over 150 hectares in the Ahuachapán region of El Salvador. BioKrop Project is a green-bean trading consortium with a vision of streamlining the value-chain process from seed to roasters as well as to roast and serve the experience of cafe roastery retail shop in both El Salvador and the U.S. with a Bitcoin standard.

What is Your Proposal Plan

Edited Feb 20th 2023 As Producers and Exporters our main objective for 2022-2023 Harvest is to finance our BioKrop Project by Tierra Bendita operations which include twenty-four small and medium size producers of single origin specialty coffee microlots from the Ahuachapán and Chalatenango coffee regions of El Salvador. This includes our main Las Veraneras Agroecological Coffee Estate, diversification of other goods as Cacao, honey, agroforestry, and food production with a water conservation and soil restoration philosophy. Currently, we export directly to our importer partners in Singapore and China who distribute to their network of specialty coffee roasteries across Asia and the Middle East. Moreover, we also export directly to the EU to our microroaster clients via our importer partners in Berlin, Germany who distributes our coffee microlots across the continent including Denmark and Croatia. Last but not least, we have our own importing sister company in the U.S. based out of the Washington DC area from where we distribute across the U.S. to both specialty coffee microroasters and we also roast our special reserves and sell to high end boutique retail stores and coffee shops in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. Our aim is to be able to achieve economies of scale by doubling inputs and tripling outputs by reducing our operating and financial costs, increase production and continue to improve quality year over year. The working capital we need of at least $150K USD will allow us to continue in this path, generate jobs, and improve our financial outcomes as we are looking for a stable investment that can facilitate our returns for the short, middle, and long-term which can significantly contribute to this. By having the financial needs in timely manner, we need not seek other places in local banking system where we've been slaves for decades never being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Bitcoin has helped us to a certain degree access new markets and finance our part of our operations but it is only a limited portion for day to day operations. A $150K USD investment opportunity with an Owner’s Equity of 10% of our TIERRA BENDITA, S.A. de C.V. was approved by the majority of our shareholders composed of members of our family. The $150K investment by the FGW in our company currently valued at over $2.5M would be equivalent to approximately 5% but due to the synergies that this investment represents such as the demand generation and potential sales to the community and their network of our portfolio of products as explained to our stakeholders including the Accounting and External Auditor advisors, we were granted approval for the 10% of our Owner’s Equity by FOUNDERS GROUP WORLDWIDE. As illustrated to the FGW community which represent about 610 members. Month to date, we’ve had an initial purchase of more than a dozen interested members purchasing via our website and who have received products ranging from our various single origin specialty coffees, honey, cacao nibs, coffee cherry tea, and coca powder among others. Purchases average about 5 products per member for a total of $73.75 spent per buyer plus shipping costs. If we add an additional 10% discount from the Retail price to FOUNDER GROUP Members and figure and structure a yearly subscription and estimate that only 25% of members are interested, revenue would average nearly $450K YoY helping us achieve economies of scale with same productivity. We are open to suggestions from the community as well. Moreover, having this wonderful community of experienced and seasoned professional network of FOUNDERS GROUP WORLDWIDE is a value-added since any stakeholder part of this network could also contribute to generate sales and more demand and thus earn commission and also a discounted price for our portfolio of goods exported to the U.S. It is a win-win since any lead to a potential buyer of our coffees from a regular consumer to any business that wants to buy high quality single origin coffees can help to earn more revenue to the participant. Our Bitcoin node lightning payment gateway or credit card POS gateway allows us to distribute commissions.

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