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Music and visual art are an essential part of the human experience. Without them, life just isn’t as colorful and exciting. Unfortunately, there are two major problems in the music industry:
1. Connection: The relationship between artists and fans is currently unidirectional
2. Monetization: Most of Spotify’s top 0.8% earn less than $50,000 in streaming revenue. You can only imagine how little all other artists make. Additionally, there is way for artists & music stakeholders to monetize their video content in a meaningful way - usually just used as a marketing tool.

Enter Arcadia.

Arcadia is a blockchain-enabled fan engagement platform that aims to bridge the gap between artists and fans through digital collectibles.

Arcadia is the first-of-its-kind music industry compliant platform enabling the direct sale of licensed music videos as digital collectibles. Our mission is to push the legacy music industry forward through collaboration, not competition - using blockchain technology.

What is Your Proposal Plan

We have just hit an important milestone! We have completed our MVP iteration of the platform and will be testing it out over the next few months with our first test users.

At the same time, we are in the midst of completing a pre-seed accelerator program at Newchip Online Startup Accelerator - an invaluable learning experience for us that will serve us well in many areas as we grow our company.

Over the next several months, we are planning on dedicating ourselves to building the best possible platform for our artists and fans, and making sure the product-market fit is strong. In order to achieve this, we need a capital injection to make this all possible.

We are seeking $150,000 from FGW for a 4% equity stake in our company. Additionally, we will offer FGW rights to a 20% discount on Arcadia's future token launch.

Please find all relevant investor materials, a breakdown of how we plan to use the investment capital if funded by FGW, as well as a brief founder intro in our videos in our Google Drive that is attached.

Thanks for your interest in Arcadia!

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