Venture Capital

Pooling Our Resources to
Support Emerging Crypto Projects

We welcome investors who are interested in pooling their funds together to form a venture capital group that will financially support emerging cryptocurrency & blockchain projects and new companies as voted on by the group’s active members.

Become a Venture Capital Group Member

We will provide you with access to information about cryptocurrency and blockchain companies seeking venture capital investments.

15 Day Review Period

Review the project business plan, documents and live video presentations & calls

20 Day Voting Period

Every member of the group will have 20 days to submit their vote

Project Funding

All projects voter approved projects will be funded by this group

51% of the yes votes will be approved

Limited Spot Availability

Founders group is limited to 1,750 members. Secure your spot now!

Frequently Asked Questions

$1650 each paid in BTC or fiat. 

Refer a colleague or friend to FGW and receive 10% via your affiliate link

You will first pay the one time $649 membership fee for each additional share at $1500 each.

Founders Group Worldwide subscription includes 4 event recordings (approximately 8+ days) with Bitcoin Ben hosting entrepreneur events with Bitcoin Branches US. 

FGTV on the horizon.

Affiliant link for FGW.

Yes, however, you must first try and sell it to an existing Founder.

Yes, you will have their contact info and all of their pertinent information on their project in the FGW platform.

95% of share and 95% of monthly contributions go to funding the projects. 5% goes to management and operations costs of FGW platform.

There is a 30 day grace period. After 30 days you will incur a $29 late fee for that current month. If you can’t continue with monthly contributions you can sell your investment or it will go back to the FGW treasury.

Yes, unless you registered for a Bitcoin Branches US event (online or in person) that took place in 2021.

Project payouts will be quarterly, paid in BTC, once we have returning revenue back into the Venture Capital. The BTC will be paid to your current wallet address in your dashboard at the time.

Each project will be  different and will share their time lines in their project presentation.

Yes, as long as you have it set up in your PMA, Will or Trust.

Each shareholder still owns their shares in each project they voted yes on. Once a project disperses funds you would get your equity return.

Each shareholder would lose their investment in that particular project. 

Be sure to reach out to us for your 10% registration discount coupon for all Founders Group Events.


Each person purchasing a share must have a subscription. 

This will be in place for 24 months. After this time we will evaluate what the monthly contribution will be and vote on it.

Each Founder will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Each Founder will fill in required KYC 

You must be 18 years old to be in Venture Capital

The shareholders voted on a monthly contribution of $150 for 24 months. At the 24 month mark we will look at our investments and vote on what we want to do. 

Become one of our Founders members for lifetime $649 (for each share). Then purchase a Venture Capital share at $1650 each (1-4). 

To bring you current with the equity in approved projects you will pay monthly contributions starting from November 2022 to current at the time you purchase your 1-4 shares.

Whether you are an investor looking to participate in providing venture capital, seeking companies with exceptional growth potential, or an entrepreneur seeking venture capital or access to other like-minded, interested investors, we have an option for you.

Forward Partnerships

Working together to give exceptional emerging cryptocurrency projects and blockchain companies a chance at success.