Seeking Funding

Need Funding For Your Next Big Project?

Do you have a cryptocurrency, blockchain project or a new company that you need venture capital or other funding for in order to launch or reach your growth potential?

Become a Project Seeking Funding Member

Our investors have a genuine interest in helping crypto and blockchain companies succeed and are willing to invest to help vetted and potentially successful projects succeed! All approved projects will be funded by this group.

Visibility to Investors

Your project will be shared with our Venture Capital Group for 30 days, followed by 5 days to vote on funding.

Access to Investors

If your project gets a 'yes' or a 'no', after the initial 30 day period, your project goes to the Investors Tier for potentially more funding

Q&A Session

Q&A session that you will co-host with Bitcoin Ben and/or Laurie with our Venture Capital Group.

Wallet & Trackable Activity

Your project will have a wallet and all activity will be trackable.

Frequently Asked Questions

One time fee paid in fiat or BTC. Great project yet need a little help with project fee? We may know an angel investor that would be willing to help.

Your project will be shared with our venture capital group for 30 days plus 5 days during voting period. After this time whether a yes or no vote, your project will be visible to our Investor Tier members for 5 months.
If your project is approved by our Venture Capital Group, you will have access to the site indefinitely (assuming your project is in good standing).

It goes to our private Investor Tier.

You can cancel at any time. $10000 subscription fee is non-refundable.

Anyone, anywhere can present their project.

No, it does not have to be crypto related.

Your project tells FGW what they will give in exchange in your project description.

It goes to our private Investor Tier for just about 5 months in order to share more about your project with the potential to gain more funds


You will have your dashboard to upload all of your project information to share with our group.

One, one-hour Q&A session that you will  host with our Venture Capital Group.

This will be a live zoom and recorded for those who were not in attendance.

Fill in KYC for your project. This will be required for all ownership members of 10%+ in your company.

Submit content, videos, white paper, business plan on the FGW platform. Create a professional project in your dashboard on the FGW platform.

up-to-date during the 6 months on FGW platform.

Bitcoin Ben and/or Laurie host private Zoom meetings with your project prior to getting approval for presenting your project on FGW platform.

During the 6 months on FGW platform you are invited to present your project at any of our live events during that time in person.

Whether you are an investor looking to participate in providing venture capital, seeking companies with exceptional growth potential, or an entrepreneur seeking venture capital or access to other like-minded, interested investors, we have an option for you.

Forward Partnerships

Working together to give exceptional emerging cryptocurrency & blockchain projects and new companies a chance at success.