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We are a financial firm focused on providing financial help to individuals who wouldn´t have access to the traditional banking system in El Salvador and no way of procuring financing for their businesses, education, medical emergencies, etc... our goal is to empower El Salvador´s population with the resources they need in order for them to fulfill their goals while driving the country’s economy up, thus producing better opportunities for growth. Excelling at customer support and client relationship distinguishes us from all other financial firms in the market.

What is Your Proposal Plan

Current banks in El Salvador won’t even consider someone for a loan if they have less than 600 as a credit score, aren't from certain social backgrounds, where they live, if they have cash businesses and many other factors that makes it almost impossible for most of the country’s population to gain financing for their needs. We will target people with a credit range from 300 and above, travel to their businesses, sit down with them and go through their receipts and business plan, visit their homes, and get to know their story and why their credit history is what it is, we will go after a portion of the population that have cash businesses and have cash flow with the ability to make monthly payments. The KYC philosophy and methods that we employ enables us to really get to know every single one of our clients on a more personal and humane aspect, making them the unique individual they are and not just another number. Our business model and matrix determine who we can approve for a loan and how much can be given to them without exacting to great of a financial burden. Believing in our clients ensures their loyalty towards us and their appreciation, which in turn makes them consistently keep their monthly payments up to date.

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