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Our proposal is 6% equity of Crypto World Corporate for $150k.

What is Your Proposal Plan

The world's first brick & mortar crypto store has now been open a little over 1 year, and we have gone through both the bull and the bear cycles. The one product / service that has remained consistently in-demand through both cycles has been the Bitcoin ATM in our store.

Our single Bitcoin ATM has done $500k+ in both buy and sell since installed in our store, without any advertising. Because of those impressive numbers we are making the ATM/BTM business model the foundation upon which we build the brick and mortar stores. They will become a useful in-store tool that will assist in our educational offerings, like classes, consultations, and trainings.

Our goal is to disrupt the ATM/BTM industry by deploying our ATM/BTM's not only in our stores but also throughout the surrounding community. Our machines will be the most sought-after because we are structuring ourselves to have the lowest fees in the industry. At the moment, the average fee for a transaction at an ATM/BTM is over 11%. We will differentiate ourselves by offering lower fees drastically, and actually striving for a system that encourages mass adoption! This achieves our vision of making the acquisition and use of crypto safe, easy, and trustworthy.

The $150k raise from the founders will be utilized towards our first ATM/BTM machines, marketing, and a sales team focused on getting started with building our network of machines.

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