Devour – the Future of Dining

Devour - the Future of Dining


Tell Us About Your Proposal

We invite FGW to play a significant role in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain, using a language we all understand: hospitality and food.

Devour is bringing the future of dining, and we are doing it with DevourGO, a food ordering app that recognizes and rewards people with exclusive promotions, menu items and access based on their community memberships as evidenced by assets on the blockchain.

We are seeking a $150K investment from the Founders Group in exchange for:
20% discount on volume purchase of $DPAY
Exclusive FGW staking pool with 50% bonus (2 yr vesting; 6-month lock); distribution managed by FGW leadership.

What is Your Proposal Plan

DevourPay (DPAY) is the payment and rewards cryptocurrency powering DevourGO.

Within the app:

You, the guest, gets exciting rewards you can eat. You can earn DPAY for ordering at your favorite restaurants and earn bonus DPAY for using it for payment.

The restaurant, whether mom and & pop or chain, gets more business from new customers from coveted demographic groups. Restaurants reward guests with DPAY to attract even more business.

And the communities or brands, eager to provide their members something of real-world value, through the power of blockchain, can do so instantly in partnership with restaurants across the country, accelerating partnerships and guest orders with DPAY.

Approved Project December 2022 and cryptocurrency transaction complete $150,000

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