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Firefly Education Network


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Firefly is a blockchain-based education platform where students, teachers, and content creators are rewarded within a crypto economy, and where students experience self-directed learning while participating in a decentralized worldwide community within a non-institutional education environment.

What is Your Proposal Plan

Our seasoned team has laid the groundwork for Firefly over the past 2 years in preparation for investment by gathering our trusted resources, tech assets, and personnel to be ready for the next steps in our journey. We are raising the necessary capital to finish the build and launch this platform within 2 years using PhD level blockchain developers, and education/curriculum specialists. We will recruit numerous content creators, teachers, and tutors, and ultimately provide an experience that will be a blessing to families and students worldwide. Firefly will host video, original course content, licensed course content, live online classrooms, virtual Metaverse classrooms, social media communications, teleconferencing, games, special live events, an NFT creation and trading platform, and more. We will publish a technical whitepaper as well as the Firefly Constitution, which will be a set of immutable rules and parameters under which the system will run and under which the governing board shall operate. We will mount an advertising campaign to both home education groups and blockchain/crypto groups to build support and community around Firefly. We project a soft launch in 18 months and a hard launch with core functionality within 24 months. Full functionality is expected within 3 years.

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