Bringing together entrepreneurs to help achieve success in

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Drive the future of crypto projects.

Founders Group Worldwide is a newly formed group of investors dedicated to funding cryptocurrency and blockchain projects and companies. Our goal is to bring together like-minded investors to support early-stage and startup companies looking to revolutionize the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

  • Vote to fund new & exciting crypto projects
  • Seek funding for your new business or crypto venture
  • Partner with like-minded crypto enthusiasts

Venture Capital Group

Vote on upcoming crypto projects and help decide what investments the entire collective should be targeting.

Seeking Funding

Looking for investment on your new business or crypto endeavor? Put your project before our Venture Capital group, where they will vote to invest or not.

Whether you are an investor looking to participate in providing venture capital, seeking companies with exceptional growth potential, or an entrepreneur seeking venture capital or access to other like-minded, interested investors, we have an option for you.

Forward Partnerships

Working together to give exceptional emerging cryptocurrency projects and new companies a chance at success.