K1 Mini – Bitcoin vending machines

K1 Mini - Bitcoin vending machines


Tell Us About Your Proposal

The K1 Mini is an interactive terminal capable of receiving payments in cash or coins and dispensing Bitcoin or other electronic goods, it is also capable of displaying video advertisements with sound. It is manufactured by K1 Technology in El Salvador.
Our proposal is for 10% equity in our company for USD$150,000.

What is Your Proposal Plan

Our product has completed the development stage and we have sold units to customers around the world. We recently won the first place in a yearly innovation contest by the national bank regulator in El Salvador (SSF), opening the doors to sell to the national bank (Hipotecario) and we are in talks with the Ministry of Education that manages over 5,000 schools to use the K1 Mini as the official Bitcoin education platform for children across El Salvador.
We are also in talks with the cell phone carriers and the largest electricity provider to use the K1 Mini as as payment terminal for utilities for customers paying in Bitcoin or in cash.

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K1 Mini Fabrication

Edgar Borja, CEO of K1 Technology at Adopting Bitcoin 2022

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