Todd Gatewood

Todd Gatewood is a cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast, and is planning to open a crypto-based franchise storefront in 2023 to educate others on cryptocurrency.

In Summer of 2021, Todd discovered Bitcoin Ben while listening to the X22
Report and understood Ben’s vision and goal of helping others become
successful in the world of cryptos. He started listening to Ben’s shows
regularly and began seeking knowledge and training through various online
resources to expand his knowledge in the world of cryptos. His first crypto
purchase was in the spring of 2021.
After attending his first in person Founders Group Worldwide conference in
Dallas, TX in January 2022, Todd stepped down from his career to go into
cryptocurrency fulltime. Todd has been working since he was 16 years old
with experience in customer service, food distribution, warehousing, and for
the past 23 years retail sales in the electrical industry.
Raised with faith and family values, Todd appreciates hard work, loves
people, loves helping others, and enjoys life! His wife Janet is an
accomplished Realtor in Nashville, TN. He is the father of a son and twin
daughters and stepfather to Janet’s two girls.

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